2013 Update

The Murnaghan A – Z of People and Places

A Anniversary – Adrian and Liz celebrated our Silver wedding in August
B Bridget – Liz’s sister visited with her 2 boys in October half term – A great day out at LEGOLAND
C Curitiba – in Brazil visited by Adrian on business, with the first snow for 30 years…
D Daphne – Adrian’s Mum who died in September aged 87
E Exams – Sarah did well in her AS exams in Geography, Biology, Chemistry and Photography the summer
F Facebook – Liz went on a course about sports club management and ended up joining Facebook
G Gorge – We walked the Imbros gorge in Crete in 30 degree heat
H Holidays – Holland in February and Crete in August
I Isle of Wight – Liz’s birthday treat a 3 day expedition sea kayaking trip
J Jam – Liz has been making lots and lots to sell for fundraising for her guiding trip to Uganda in 2014
K Knossos – Crete home of the minotaur visited by Adrian, Liz, Sarah and Matthew
L Liz – Still doing lots of paddling and running 4th Frimley Guides – has a new assistant this year
M Matthew –went on Scout camp to Hewish Woods near Taunton this summer
N Northern Lights – Sarah saw these in Iceland on a Geography field trip in October
O Online –Matthew joined Steam for online gaming with school friends and Peter
P Peter – Now in his final yaer at Reading University where he also worked worked in the research department during the summer
Q Qajaq – Greenland word from which Kayak is derived
R Rethymno – Crete where we stayed on holiday in the Summer. Our villa overlooked the Venetian harbour
S Sarah – Now in her final 6th form year at Collingwood College and learning to drive
T Tate Modern – Sarah’s choice of visitor attraction for a day out in London – Matthew choose the Science museum
U University Visits – We’ve been to lots this year with Sarah. We even visited Loughborough and saw Liz’s old room on show
V Volunteer – Liz won the Canoe England Coach of the year recognition award and Adrian & Liz went to the awards dinner in Nottingham
W Waterloo – Often visited London rail terminus – Matthew’s favourite rail trip this year was from Camberley to Waterloo
X X Factor – not watched by anyone
Y Young Leader – Sarah has been helping at 3rd Frimley Brownies and working on her adult leadership qualification as part of her Gold D of E
Z Zeus –Born on Crete although we didn’t see the cave